The Heritage Lottery Fund
Sussex Archaeological Society
Without whose help the project could not have been undertaken.

Many people in both Hamsey and Barcombe have contributed their skills to all aspects of the project; transcribing wills, undertaking occasional fieldwork, digging in their garden as part of the 'Big Dig' coming to the talks and showing an interest in what we have been doing. Their contribution was invaluable, we thank them all for their interest and assistance.

Those named here have made a very significant contribution, without their input the project would not have been completed.

Website design


Peter Parker

Sue Rowland


Graveyard Survey

Pam Combes

Jo Miller

John Manley (SAS)

Claire Goodey

Jan Nichols (SAS)

The Rev. James Hollingsworth for permission

Sheila Drewry

Sue Rowland

Wendy Muriel (SAS)

Christine Jackson

Don Richardson (SAS)

Lynda Ridge

Martyn Treasure

Tristan Bareham

Adrienne and Stephen Rees-Jones

The Rev. Derek Bastide for permission

Ian Hilder

Sussex Family History Group

Betty Roper

Sussex Archaeological Society

The Barcombe News



East Sussex Record Office

Chris Butler (MSFAT)

West Sussex Record Office

Chris Greatorex

John Sclater

Sue Harrington

The late Michael Warren

David Rudling

Sue Rowland (redrawn maps)

Mike Seager-Thomas

Luke Barber (SAS)


David Gregory

Mike Green

Andrew Woodcock

Barbara Cornwell

Greg Chuter

Barbican House Museum

Sue Rowland

Reeves of Lewes

Pam Combes

Beken of Cowes

Adrienne and Stephen Rees-Jones

Rendel Williams

John Sclater

Archaeological fieldwork

Lynda Ridge

Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society

Pam Combes

Lewes Archaeological Group

Dominic Andrews (archaeological artist)

Mid-Sussex Field Archaeological Team

Sussex Archaeological Society

Preparation of text and data for website

many local volunteers

Pam Combes

Pamela Fielding

Permissions for fieldwork

Sue Rowland

Mark Cornwell

Ian Hilder

Daniel Cornwell

John Cornwell

Tenement Survey

Hedley Cornwell

Colin Hobbs

The late Michael Warren

Christopher Whittick (ESRO)

John Sclater

Pam Combes

James and Ruth Wallis

Judy and Colin Brent

Stephen Judd

Ron Pateman

Tithe Map transcription

Harold Stroude

Pam Combes

Mark Stroude

Sue Rowland

Justin Harmer

Bridget Ogden

Terry Squires

Roselle Osborn-Smith

Tithe map introduction

Tim Calcutt

Brian Short

Lord Monk Bretton

38 participants in The Big Dig

Website advice

Peter Macleod

Buiding Survey

Jonathan Douch

Annabelle Hughes

Richard and Pauline Cranfield


Lynda Ridge

Ian Hilder

Ian Hilder

Annabelle Hughes

50 houseowners for permission

a dedicated group of transcribers


Martyn Treasure

Ian Hilder

Pam Combes

Sue Rowland

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