Churchyard Survey

As time and natural weathering, hastened by pollution take their toll on churchyard memorials it is essential that those remaining are recorded for posterity.

Jo Miller took a module in Churchyard Survey as part of her Archaeological Certificate course at the University of Sussex and encouraged by the directors of the Barcombe Villa excavation she undertook the survey of the churchyard at St Mary’s which she has kindly agreed for us to publish on the site. The survey was undertaken during 2003-2006. Jo was assisted by a few volunteers but her most frequent helper was Claire Goodey. Their survey has been digitised to go on the site by Sue Rowland.

St Mary’s Church, Barcombe 1859, before the church yard was extended.
Quartermain Sussex Churches SAS Library, Barbican House


Memento mori.
Detail from grave slab set in the church wall. William Earle 1751.

Churchyard survey

Graveyard plan


Gravestone database

Plan of graveyard (A3)