Barcombe Tithe Map

Tithe maps and apportionments

Welcome to a voyage of exploration through your parish in 1839. The tithe map and apportionment we have used record Barcombe as it was in 1839/1840. At that time the parish extended to include Balneath and there was a detached outlier at Sharpsbridge. Within the bounds of the present parish there was also parochial outlier of Newick at Vuggles Farm, and another of Chailey, a pasture field in Old Park.

Because the tithe map held at East Sussex Record Office is in part illegible the copy held in The National Archive has been used for our study (TNA IR 30/35/18).

For the purposes of clarity the tithe map has been re-drawn and cut up into manageable segments. If you click on the segment and then on the field numbers you will be able to see details of who owned the houses and land in 1839 and then access the earlier history of the land.

The numbers for shaws (wooded areas around fields) have been omitted from the map, they are indicated in colour only. The numbers and names are recorded in the copy of the schedule that can be downloaded.

Modern names for the houses that appear on the tithe map, and for others built on those sites later, are indicated in brackets e.g. B90 House and garden (Sutton Hall)

The land was measured in acres, rods and perches (a. r. p.)

40 perches = 1 rood; 4 roods = 1 acre.

Tithe maps and apportionments
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